Codexes for AVI conversion

Quite a number of AVI files that I download do not work with nay of my players or converters (inc. MediaPlayer, PowerDVD, Winavi).

I suspect that my codexes have become corrupted, but can anyone help me know which codexes to reinstall? Where do I start?

Firstly get Gspot or Avicodec to determine just what audio/video codec is used by the avi file. Avicodec will help you locate any missing ones.

If the codec is installed then often just a re-install will fix the problem.

Also Videolan VLC is a simple player that doesn’t require the installations of codecs to be able to play a file, well worth installing.

Thanks. Your advice was very helpful. I reinstalled divx and xvid, and the problem was resolved.

Will also get VLC.


Glad it’s sorted. :slight_smile: