'Codes CD' - Would like to run w/ no cd... nothing seems to work

I forked out $800 for a building code CD just to find out that the newest version won’t let you copy data files to hard disk for a no CD type of run.

I hate to keep inserting an $800 CD into the drive everytime I need to access it and virtual drives are no good as well as copies using a MULTITUDE of different CD burning softs including Alcohol 120%, CD CLONE etc…

PROTECTION ID says that the main program is using SafeDisc 4.80 which was confirmed when cheaper cd burning software would refuse to process due to inumerable ‘unreadable sectors.’

With some of the standard CD Burning software, my copies would produce a ‘Please insert correct CD to continue’ message. W/ Alcohol 120% and the CD CLONE I guess I’ve made a little progress since I no longer get that error but it still won’t load.

I’ve made multiple ISO’s etc… mounted, used DAEMON TOOLS using ALL emulations, all to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.


See here.

Thanks for the info.

Disabling the physical CD drives does the trick …