Codename Outbreak

Done a backup of Outbreak like this…

Copied the files on the disk to a temp folder on the H/D

with the disk still in the cd-rom open up Nero and make a mixed mode cdrom.

Goto your Cdrom and the track files will be shown.
Drag the files accross from temp.

Drack the track files across

Get the no-cd patch from gamecopyworld

Drack that across too

Rename the new disk to Outbreak
Burn - install - replace the old outbreak file with new
Run and play

An old way to do it, but it works

You still need the cd in the drive to play single player games

I just used clonecd withoud any problem and it took me 5min. with an toshiba 1612 dvd as reader and a acer 20/10/32 as writer on the fly at 20x speed.