Codemasters selects StarForce for protection of multiple DVD titles

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The respected provider of software protection solutions, StarForce, has
signed another contract with Codemasters for protection of its highly
anticipated 'Club Football 2005", which was…

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Dont laugh too soon (StarForce’s).its only the matter of time. ah, ah,ah!

this is why i havnt bought colin mcrae 2005, i dont want to buy a game i cant back up. i never play games from the original cd, they just get battered and dont work, thats why i make backups of all of them and only play from the backups (or a virtual drive). as soon as colin mcrea rally 2005 can be backuped i will buy it. ben :B

Codename Panzers was also protected by Starforce 3. Didn’t stop RELOADED from releasing it though:)

As companies start to use it more, the need to crack it and back it up will grow. Right now, I don’t really think people are too concerned since the protection is virtually no where. Btw, Codemasters is a hack of a company anyway, lol.
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Throw down the gantlet and see how long it takes to get picked up. What man has created, man can overcome.:slight_smile:

Starforce stopped The Sims 2 from being cracked , afor a while anyway, and there are also other other games weeks or months old that havn’t been cracked yet.

And i hope most users (like me) don’t buy SF3 protected GAMES… the backup copy is a my right. :d

Ummmm, starforce did NOT stop The Sims 2 from being cracked at all… not even for a little while. That game was up and running before it hit store shelves. It must be that Colin Mcrae 2005 isn’t on the top of peoples playing list for PC, its more of an xboxish game really. and of course… nothing… nothing… nothing is uncrackable. :d

YES backup is my right!!! Im a passionate console gamer & collector. and I want my games to be in top/mint condition! So whenever I play a game its a backup - on a chipped console. :stuck_out_tongue: I want to keep my stuff! maybe for my grandchildren , OWN it … have the feeling that its SAVE. And at the same time being able to kill some free time with my investitions. :B

Err, the sims 2 was Safedisc 3.20.020 protected. Starforce is a bitch to crack and the cracks often appear many weeks after the game is released and in some cases the cracked game is different from the retail game since the game files themselves are encrypted. :c

Yeah, it is so safe that, the original DVD doesn’t work on my Philips DVDR 1640 and I have not been able to get support for it:(

Electrox3d, the Sims WAS released (by MONEY) way before the store date (in the UK anyway) but the crack did not work. No other group picked up on this so I would suggest that Starforce 3+ IS going to be a bigger problem than you might imagine. Lets say we get away from the “don’t worry, whatever they protect it with it can be cracked” cliche!!! ok. Plus, you COULD run it as a Alcohol clone and mount it (and this didn’t work for everybody). Maybe some clariity between what you might call “cracked” games and “backups” because they are not the same. :d:B