Codemasters CEO: "DRM is not the answer"



Codemasters CEO: “DRM is not the answer”.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Codemasters CEO Rod Cousins has publicly stated that he’s not a fan of DRM, and believes he has a better solution to combat game piracy. Cousins explained his controversial stance Thursday in a lengthy statement issued to gaming website CVG.

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So basically we get to beta test the game and pay for the privileged, great idea:rolleyes:
I just wait for the price to drop then buy the game myself and I think many of the game makers have found by pricing their games much cheaper on places like Steam where you can buy and digitally download it they end up making more money becuase many more players will buy it.
I’m not buying a incomplete game then paying to get the rest of it. I don’t mind playing a good game then maybe after a while they come up with another expansion or update that adds a new version and more things to do as long as the price is reasonable.
I’ve bought stalker and one of the updates that way, and Fear, Half life, etc.
DVD movies made the studios a lot of money once they started selling older movies cheap, and BluRay is finally starting to do the same thing.
Better to make a fast dime, rather then a slow quarter.
DRM never works for most things either as the Hackers have nothing better to do and crack most everything right as it’s released.


DRM is definitely not the answer, but “unfinished games” are definitely not the answer either. I doubt that they would be warmly received by the public…


It’s amazing, I can still pop in a game on any of my 80/90/early 2000’s gen consoles & they just work, no hassle, no fuss, no need to DL extra’s, etc.

Now, say, 20 years from now, will I able to say the same about current gen consoles, or even next gen consoles? Not if I buy incomplete games that require me to DL extra parts. to just play it, from a server that no longer exists.

Do people like, Rod Cousins, even think about stuff like that? Probably not, just where’s my check, runs to car & speeds off, leaving us with incomplete games that future generations won’t be able to play.