COdeKings YV6P vs YSOZ for 1635

This is probably answered somewhere but I can’t find it. :o
What is the difference between COdeKings YV6P and YSOZ? They both show as FBD 16X OS rs.?

Great question, I get better results with YSOZ but I have seen others who say otherwise. I am very interrested in the answer. :rolleyes:

YS0Z is the latest official and YV6P the latest test firmware. YV6P is newer and may contain some more media codes and bug fixes.

Thanks chocO. :bow:

Firmware: YSOZ
Media: Verbatim 16x DVD+R
MID: MCC 004
Burn Speed: 16x

YSOZ Is Working Well With These MID’s And My Old Trusty 1635S.

for me they perform the same. just yv6p have the advantage of smartburn staying disabled after reboots. that’s it