Codeguys Patched For LiteOn SOHC-5235K Readspeed Problem

LiteOn SOHC-5235K Combo

SOHC-5235K Read-Speed Patched Firmware

Patcher: Code65536
Release date: 2 December 2004

# Disclaimer:
I am in no way associated with LiteOn, and this patched firmware is in no way
associated with or supported by LiteOn.  Loading this patched firmware will
technically void your warranty.  I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything that may
result from the use or misuse of this patched firmware.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

# Changes between this and the official firmware:
1) +RW/-RW discs will be read at 12x/14x/16x CAV (originally 8x CAV)
2) +R/-R discs will be read at 12x/14x/16x CAV (originally 8x CAV)
3) +R DL (recordable double-layer) discs will be read at 8x (originally 4x) (?)

# Installation:
Simply run the flasher to load the firmware onto your SOHC-5235K.

# Notes:
1) There are THREE versions of this patched firmware!  One to increase the
   reading speed of burnt media to 12x, one to increase it to 14x, and one to
   increase it to the full 16x.  Use the one what works best for you, your
   drive, and your media.  Note that with faster reading speeds, it's possible
   that your drive will encounter reading problems towards the end of the disc,
   which is why it may not always be desirable to read at the full 16x.

# Acknowledgements:
1) A word of thanks to C0deKing and The Dangerous Brothers for their support
   and help in general.

I’m really needing the LiteOn SOHC-5235K Combo to perform better, than the sluggish speeds it has now for DVD-R data reading.

I have a SOHC-5232k Combo Lite-On drive, and have flashed the above firmware to the drive.

I have a DVD-R written with my NEC3500AG drive at 8x and Nero CD-DVD Speed tool shows the reading speed for the NEC drive is 15.86x for the end speed.

But reading the same DVD-R in the SOHC-5232k Combo Lite-On drive flashed with above firmware for 12x or 14 there is very little speed improvement, and results in the same as below.

But with the 16x firmware it speeds up but it has Only a maximum of 8.64x and levels out at that and doesn’t get any faster. Nero CD-DVD Speed tool shows at this point a wavering horizontal line. Whereas, with the NEC drive i have a nice curve to top of Nero CD-DVD Speed tool.

Is there an update for the above fimware that fixes this bug, or is there any other firmwares i can use to make the drive go faster to get 16x for reading DVD-R Data disks.

Firmware NK0H from
DMA is set to on and utilising UDMA on both drives
Both drive using UDMA 80 strand IDE Flat cables

try different media