Codeguys LH-18A1P firmware



Can anyone explain why the Codeguys GL0F firmware download for the LH-18A1P contains two exe files (one stock and one stock-ff, what’s the difference?) that are each about 3.2MB, whilst the exe from the LiteON site is only about 810K?

I need to sound like I know what I’m talking about, so I can advise my brother when he get’s his drive on Friday :bigsmile:


Why don’t you just read the thread in this forum if you want to know the difference. The different size is only a matter of compression.


Well thanks for explaining the differing sizes. Perhaps you could tell me which page of which thread explains the difference between the stock and stock-ff firmware?



ff = flash-fixed (for use with BenQ DW1800)


Thanks cressida :slight_smile:

JoeC00ll, I searched that thread for stock-ff and flash fixed and got no results.