Codefree in modern times

Hello everyone

I am in the process of building myself a linux NAS and mediacentre combo.

Now I’m looking for the right DVD drive. Since I have a lot of US dvds alongside my European ones I’d like to know whether codefree drives even exist at all these days.

I think some of them can be flashed with a new firmware, but where do I find them?

Which drive could the pros around here recommend?

You cannot buy a new region free DVD drive (a.k.a. RPC1 drive), but some of them can be made region free with certain (unofficial) firmware.

You can get region free firmware for Optiarc drives as well as Pioneer drives.

I’m not sure if the LtnRPC utility can still be used to make the newer LiteOn drives region free - perhaps someone else can answer that.

There may be other drives that can be made region free.

Even though your drive is region free, you will need some way to circumvent region locking in many DVD software players.

Welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I don’t much care about the software, yet, unless VLC or mplayer also have this… disease going.

Thanks for the help. I’ll be looking into a Pioneer drive, then. Are all of them good or is there one that you, or someone else, could recommend?

EDIT: I’ve been browsing for a bit and I feel lost… They talk about so many firmwares but they all seem to be the official ones. I just can’t find any rpc1 versions there. Especially because their search function does not allow rpc1 as a criteria…

[quote=TheMarco;2212325]I’ll be looking into a Pioneer drive, then. Are all of them good or is there one that you, or someone else, could recommend?[/quote] I’m not fully satisfied with my Pioneer DVR-116 (mediocre burn quality on premium DVD-R media) and the consensus around here seems to be that the Pioneer DVR-116/216 series is not as good as the predecessor DVR-115/215 series.

If you can find a DVR-115/115D (P-ATA) or DVR-215/215D (S-ATA) then I would recommend one of those.

The only source I’ve found doesn’t have it in stock and wants roughly 80 bucks for it… that’s a bit steep.

I also cannot find any patched firmwares on the codeguys’ page for any of the now available Samsung, Sony and LG drives.

To me it really seems like this codefree business has died a horrible death and everyone tries to forget about it…