Alright i have been using Dvdfab Plat. to burn dvd movies, into 700mb avi files, everything with the burning and converting is going good. Its the codec that im having problems with. It is not getting read on my dvd player. witch plays divx and i am sure that is an avi file. I dont understand whats going on with the codec.

I ran the file threw gspot and it says there is a codec installed (0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3) i dont know what that means but if some1 could help me out i would appreciate it. Thanks.

AC3 is a type of audio codec, normally used in dvd-video and can be used in divx, blu ray and hd dvd. Also called Dolby Digital. Nothing unusual about it.

Have you tested the output on the computer? Does it play there?

I have not tried the disc, but when i ran it threw gspot and hit the ms 1, and 2 it worked, sorry took a while to respond im trying to read a lil about gspot, i have already threw the disc away but i still have the file that wouldn’t play on my computer saved still.

Alright i had an error when i ran it threw gspot instead of microst standard… i got 2 errors…

How can i fix or repair the air?

Do you have a dvd software player on the computer? Like PowerDVD or WinDVD? If not, you may need the ac3 filter for playback on the computer.

Don’t know what is going on with your stand alone player.

I dont know what that is, how do i use ac3 filter. When i convert a movie from dvdfab plat. and burn with ner0 8 it…the ac3 will conteract with these programs to make it play on my dvd player? or how does this work?

and 1 last question will i need to convert the movie again? or will it work with it already converted…
thanks for your help i appreciate it!

The AC3 filter will do nothing to help playback on your stand alone dvd player. It [B]might[/B] help you play back the finished video on the computer so you can see if DVDFab is encoding stuff correctly.

Another way of testing the output is to use VLC media player since it does not rely on outside codecs.

If it doesn’t work in VLC there is no point in burning to a disk. See what I’m getting at? When working with encoding/transcoding, always test before burning.

You may very well have to start over. But I can’t tell from long distance what went wrong.

I have the file saved on my comp from the conversion, and i played it with windows media, and vlc, everything works properly. But when i ran it threw the gspot test on the gspot solution test, on the audio it said it fails to connect to (output pin) 2ce… but under neath all of that it tells me to hit button 3, and says audio render ok use 3 to play

Download the K-lite Mega Codec pack from
There will be a quick link on the left pane somewhere.

As to playing movies on your DVD/Divx player, you must ensure that you use AC3 or MP3 for the audio tracks, and Divx / Xvid (or Mpeg1 or Mpeg 2) for your video tracks before you encode them to ensure that they will be compatible with your DIVX compatible DDV player.

RTM = Read The Manual for your DVD player … does it have to put ina special directory or anything? Or is there any limitation on bitrate/aspect ratios/ resolutions/etc?

Is it alright to d/load codes? I have hard that isn’t the best thing to do. I got to restart my comp. i’ll b back but thanks

[QUOTE=bnantz;2219848]Is it alright to d/load codes? I have hard that isn’t the best thing to do. I got to restart my comp. i’ll b back but thanks[/QUOTE]

No they should be safe but make sure you get the right codecs you need just don’t download loads of codec and load them if you don’t need them.
I use codecs from without problems. So codecs might or might not be compatible with your settings so always read about the codecs before you install them to avoid codecs conflicts.

Hey guys, everything is working now i want to thank all of u guys. I have been working on this for 2 or 3 weeks now. I appreciate your help. I don’t know witch step it was that worked or maybe the combination. It was either the new codecs or switching the settings in witch i was converting in. I appreciate all your help.