CODECS Lite-on SHW-160P6S

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DVDROM 16x48x EIDE int Retail. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I recently done a system restore. My DVD/CD drive will now open/shut but does not play discs, or burn discs ect. It just makes a clicking sound. Everything checks out with regards to drivers and device properties. It mentions CODECS and HCL list ? I have downl;oaded two codecs. one for XP and another K-LITE mega pack, but so far nothing seems to make any difference. Do i have to configure the codec ? Do i have to get a spacific one for my dvd/cd drive. It has only been used about a dozen times in about 3 years and should be as new. Its buggin me. Thankfully i had a freecom cd drive to load internet roter to get back online. That saved me a pretty penny in geek charges, im sure. Can anyone help, please. Perhaps with a direct hyperlink or correct course of action. I am using XP and it should have a nice bundle of software included, but its no good if the drive is up the junction. Thanks.

The only thing you would need any codecs for is your software media player. Which one are you using, windows media player? HCL stands for windows Hardware Compatibility List, but your drive should be fine. Can it play a commercial music CD or movie DVD? What mentions something about Codecs and HCL?

Whappo, thanks. I am trying to play a music cd or any dvd using windows media player. it just does not register any disc in the player. i have cyberlink power2go for dvd playback, but that is not working either. when you poped a disc in the drive, it used to come up with options of what did you want to do? now it just makes a clicking sound. Any suggestions please.

whappo please give me some more info. This thred reply thing is new to me so a bit dodgy. thanks.

Just searching around the forums here at CDFreaks there are plenty of people who have had problems with this drive. Download and try this media player, It doens’t need any codecs and can play music and movies. If you still have problems, try uninstalling the drive from Device Manager, reboot, and let windows install it again.