Ok, here is the thing, I just downloaded Windows Movie Maker 2011. I made a video from my Ipod Touch. and when I put it on my computer, and dragged it into W.Movie Maker, it tells me that the Codec isn’t right. … ok. So, I’m trying to change it. Buut, then I also noticed, that the video plays on the side, and not straight. So, I would also like to know how to turn my video around !!! If I can’t… I’ll have to watch the video with my neck bending sideways ! :eek:

Please help me !! Thanks :kiss:

Welcome to the forums britkev.

What format is your video in right now (from the Ipod Touch) and what format do you want as the finished product?

It would help us if you would download and install a program called MediaInfo and examine the file with it. I find the Tree view within MediaInfo to be the most informative. This will show us the codecs used for both the audio and video and the current resolution. Just copy and paste the information from MediaInfo into this thread. MediaInfo is free, you don’t have to contribute anything to get the download to work.

Adjusting the orientation of the video is possible through the use of filters, but I don’t know if Movie Maker can do this. I know that AviDemux can do it for most formats.

Well, I dont know what Codec it is from my Ipod, buut it goes into Quick Time Player ?
And I don’t know what I need :open_mouth: !! I’m trying to figure that out .

And thanks for the MediaInfo :slight_smile:

Try VLC media player. If the movie plays in that, you can rotate it while playing it so you won’t have to re-encode it.

It will never work. Windows Movie Maker only works with Windows media formats.

Your video file format would be Mpeg-4.

What exactly do you want to to with this file?