Codec needed for opening file

We are trying to open files that were transferred from our school minidvcamcorder onto a DVD-R. Our windows media player says it is missing codec’s and so cannot open the files. Does anyone know how to identify which codec is needed.

Let’s try Video Lan Player first. It will play just about anything. The link for it is in my sig.

If you want to know what codecs are being used then use Gspot found here.

GSpot v2.70a -

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Hi, Thank you for your help. Am at the Video Lan site and does it matter which download I choose. I have Windows Vista running. So I assume I click on
windows. But then it brings up choices to download from all over the world. Any idea which one to use?

Yes, Choose the site that is closest to you, but it doesn’t really matter.

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Select the .zip version, so you don’t need to install it, but simply unzip the archive and you can run the software directly :slight_smile:

This is an example of the portable version (aka no installation)

This is the installable version