Codec issues! how to uninstall them?

I have Codec Sniper & two versions of Codec Tweak Tool. I like the older one for some information .CCCPs’ Insurgent . GSpot has some codec information .
I haven’t used it for a long time but I have a Sherlock.exe somewhere.
Filemerit & Radlite .

i hope its work

[QUOTE=turbosianor;2287794]After a long while i found the solution. this problem happens when you change your Direct show codec settings. sometimes it changes and it doesn’t show anything in the configurations so all you need to do is to downloading the file I’ve attached. unzip the file and right click on it then select Merge. this is all the default settings for FFDshow codec i have exported to a .reg file. don’t worry about the file it’s 100% safe, if you don’t think like me just get the latest version of any anti virus and scan the file.
anyway guys, hop i could help you with fixing this F**** Problem. i had the same i problem and i was like :sad: but now i am like :slight_smile:
have fun and help each other in the forum. :flower:[/QUOTE]

Good Job

Thank you

awesome thanks, gonna try it now

… hope this is gonna work

hope this is gonna work



How about making your own new thread with just your codec issue the OP was from 2004…