Codec Help!

On various different types of sound/video files the sound/video is screwed up. On WAV files, if i play em in WMP the sound is really slow and to hear the correct sound i have 2 play it with videolan or quicktime. But for example mp3’s play fine with WMP. Some AVI’s play ok, others don’y :a

The same thing on videos, some videos play fine other play jerky or slow in WMP so i have 2 use a program that has its own codec (videoLan or quicktime).

Please could someone tell me how i can remove ALL my installed codecs WITHOUT suggesting a reformat. ATM the codecs i can tell you i know are installled are ffdshow, DivX pro and XVID and there are most likely others i don’t know about. I installed various codecs when getting ready for converting AVI to DVD. Now various Sound/Video files are screwed.

Please help



My suggestion with setting up any mediaplayer is to use ZoomPlayer (a free application with more features if you want to pay). It allows you to specifically register a codec hierarchy to deal with various types of files and the author has the most complete media setup guide I have found.


If you follow the media setup guide step by step there won’t be a media file you can’t play.

Hope it helps,

codec sniper will list all your codecs and allow you to remove them. CS told me my adobe products used mainconcept mpeg encoder. didn’t know that before.

Thanks that sniper proggy is coooool, it removed my crappy broken codecs… everthing is back 2 normal now…