Code on claimed to be Taiyo Yuden 52X CD-Rs

I wrote to two very knowledgeable cdfreaks by private post. As a 70 year old newbie I had no idea about how to start a thread. Here’a a sort of summary of my private posts and responses now that I see how a thread starts.

I ordered Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs from a site recommendd by Pricegrabber and got a box that didn’t look right.

I have searched unsuccessfully for a list that identifies the code or letters blind stamped on the clear inner ring of the CD-Rs. As far as my failing eyes can make out, the CD I want to identify reads
2B7680 ? 73409A09794802B7680D
I could be wrong about some of the letters or numbers. The first letter B could be an 8. The ? looks like an R surrounded by a circle but it is hard for me to make out.
Responding to kg_evilboy, I wrote

The transparent part of the disc is not frosted.

The code on the underside reads

It’s on the light blue ring adjacent to the main part of the disc that gets the data burned into it. Going oward the center, there’s a silver ring, the underside of the shiny top then the transparent part that’s not frosted.

I have genuine TY discs that are frosted, code begins KC

By theway, I use a Mac and can’t read the PC software suggested for DVDs.
Is there any Mac software that tests DVDs or CDs?

Thanks for any suggestions


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80 PG7518 is a valid TY stamper code :slight_smile:
Did you order value lines? Printables?

If you want to be sure you have genuine Taiyo Yuden cd-r , the best way is to look on the underside of the disc, the colour should be a Green. Not a pale yellow/green, a solid green.

I have never seen anyone fake a TY CD-R and make the dye look the same.

I took some pictures, they aren’t that great. Had to do it in the dark too to get them to show.

Disc on the left is a Pthalocyanine Ritek and the TY is on the right and is a darker green cyanine disc.

Another couple pics of how the dye looks after writing. First pic is the TY disc.

HI mnuval :slight_smile:

^ Told you Evilboy would know about the code :iagree: :smiley:

Hmm that serial doens’t look like any genuine TY disc I touched so far.
However pattern identifying suggests that it could be the following



Wit the 2 short codes doubled. And that structure is possible as TY code. Value media that is.

It could also be possible that someone got ahold of a TY stamper used a cyanine dye type… I’d love to get my hands on one of these discs to check it out!

Out of curiousity, where we they ordered from?

That part sounds wrong, all TY cdrs i have used have always had a frosted centre.

Hehe…the code on my Verbatim TY CDRs is 80 PG7436. And they’re a lovely shade of green :smiley:

Frosted hub too, which bears this code: PG668E0072580 :wink: