Code on cd player in my car when it will not play



when i put a cd in my player it trys to read it but then shows a code 06


Welcome to the forums briandrennon.

What make and model cd player do you have? Does this happen with any cd, like commercially made cds, or only on those you have burned?


i got it from wal mart only thing i could find on face plat is VR3…VRCD400-sdu…it worked just fine yesterday and it will not play any cd factory or burned shows code-06


The manual for your player that I found online doesn’t show any error codes. Apparently there is a reset button on it somewhere, but they aren’t specific about its location.

I did find a website for support if you want to contact them,
But it is a blank page. They may not be around anymore, or their server may be down at the moment.

The online manual does have an 800 number if you want to call them:


okay thank you for your help