Code-free DVD players perhaps?

I burned to a DVD-R only to find that my equipment, Sony DVD recorder and TV is in NTSC format and the capture on my PC is in PAL.

Having done a bit of research, I find that DVD recorders are now being made that permits a PAL recording to be shown on an NTSC format, even if the TV was designed for NTSC only.

So, a number of questions arise. Can I buy one of these DVD recorders in Canada as I cannot find, on the internet, any business that sells specific region and code free models? Or is there an alternative, like breaking codes with the use of the remote controls?

Any help would be appreciated.

i don’t know if this will help you or not but try here

What do you mean by now? They’ve been available for over 5 years now, well here in the UK they have anyway. The TV still has to recognise PAL format, the players don’t convert PAL to NTSC for an NTSC only TV to recognise.

Well it appears that they do here. As far as I can establish, all TV’s were sold here in NTSC until recently and HDTV has probably changed that, at a guess.

This is an American site that may explain my thinking on the subject and why I believe that multiformat DVD players may not yet be available here.

Here’s a link to multi region code-free DVD player. Is your Sony DVD Recorder a stand-alone unit, or a DVD burner? This could work if you have a standalone DVD Recorder… just hook this player up to your recorder, and it will record any DVD since Macrovision is disabled!

link deleted

I think we are at cross purposes. I was referring to a DVD Player and am sorry if I gave the wrong impression. The item you quote is NTSC only in the specifications in FPD format

I think that the question should be what software allows me to burn a DVD in NTSC instead of PAL format so that I can play it in my standalone player?
How and what are you capturing on your machine?
Here in the UK I have had both VHS and DVD players handle both formats with ease for some time. So if there is a problem over the pond I sympathise with you.

What software are you using to burn your DVD’s?

Thanks for your responses.
I seem to have solved the problem, more by error than design.
As the downloads come in PAL+Divx, I then usedRoxio Easy Media - Divx to DVD Creator to change the formal and burned the disk successfully.