Code for Nerocom VB, Multissession



I’m French and speak very bad English, excuse me but I cannot find any forum in France about Nerocom.
Can any one write me a sample code to show me how to burn a CD with multisesion and another without multissession.
If i burn with multissession what is code for reconize the anteriors sessions on the CD, then burning in multisession.
Thank you very much.


General what you shoul do for multisessios

1You should ask for a CDInfo to see if the disc is empty or not (handle OnDoneCDInfo).
2If not empty, you should import a track using ImportIsoTrack (handle OnDoneImport or OnDoneImport2).
3You should now create a NeroISOTrack object and add to it whatever folder hierarchy you want and optionally add the imported folder structure.
4Finally, you should call BurnIsoAudioCD.

I have code only in c# but i think you sould read this thread


I don’t know whay link does not work.
You just copy and paste it in to adress bar and it will work