Code 39

hello I’m new and I have a problem with my keyboard and it asks me to troubleshoot and I tried everything but everytime I click my keyboard, it get stuck. :confused: it say"Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The
driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"…can you help me?

I have no idea, just thought I’d post cuz I’m a sucker for nicks with the word “Vixen” in them…:slight_smile:

Lol :d

Serious though, goofs aside…a little more info about your system would help us.

Also, curious if your keyboard is ps2 or usb. Perhaps wireless?

I’ve been building rigs for 10+ years and have not heard of this particular glitch as you explain it…:slight_smile:

I have windows xp and my keyboard is standard 101/102 key or microsoft natural ps/2… do you need more info? :stuck_out_tongue:

Error code 30anything seems to deal with optical drives…not the keyboard, ya got me confused here.

and yes…more info would help…your pc specifics, xp pro or xp home…

flirty stuff always appreciated but not necessary to address your problem…:slight_smile:

hmmm…my dad said that its connected to usb (I’m not that smart when its about computers). we have xp pro. I need secific things to look for…what do you need?

btw, what’s your name?

p.s. on screen keyboard sux

My friends call me Zig. For the record, I’m a 30+ year old guy…flirts aside, I’m not looking to break laws…:slight_smile:

PS…wtf is up with the on screen keyboard? :slight_smile:

lol, I wasn’t flirting, just being nice :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m using it cause I can’t use the regular keyboard.
I really need some help to fix it :iagree:

Do the system log files give any more indication?
WinXP is keeping good logs if I am not mistaken.

I really don’t know where to look for it…can you tell me where should it be?

Bit hard for me to exactly tell you where to find this, as I am using Windows 2000 and a Dutch version as well…

Just booted the laptop from the office. Go
Settings -> control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Event Viewer -> application

There you should be able to find all the errors…

I had an old Gatway Pc once…was around 500mhz, that had a usb mouse and keyboard. Mouse plugged into the keyboard via a passthough usb port…lousy setup. Anywho, I digress…what i found odd about it is that the keyboard only worked if it was plugged into 1 particular usb port, otherwise the keyboard wouldn’t be seen on boot. Have you added any usb devices such as an external burner? Try plugging the keyboard into a different usb port and rebooting…:slight_smile:

I don’t have these options :sad: