Code 39



Hi, can anyone help me?

I have Windows 7 and I keep getting this message "Windows cannot load device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupt or missing Code 39, I currently do not have internet, I am using the local library computer to seek help on this matter. I’ve tried downloading Mr Fixit from Microsoft directly from their website and saved it on to USB but it keeps coming up as an error has occured… What do I do next?


If this is in regard to an optical drive malfunctioning, you should try deleting the upper and lower filters.

This can be done in the registry:

Or it can be done using a free burning program called ImgBurn. Download and install ImgBurn from one of the mirrors here:
You can put it on a usb drive and install from there.

Once installed, click on any of the options, Write files/folders to disc will be fine. Then click on Tools–>Filter Driver Load Order and remove the filters from there.

If this is not due to an optical drive, go through the troubleshooting steps on this page: