Code 19 error re webcam driver

Hello the group

It appeares for no reason ( but hasnt there got to be one) my webcam a Trust 120 -which has served me well and still works on my XP OS PC – has stopped on this PC Vista Home Premium OS
I have tried to reloaded the Drivers but get a ERROR 19 message in the Device manager
I searched on Google and one hit sugested running Regcure which I have done but with no result
The camera does not show in ‘cameras and scanners’ in the control panel but is as said in DM but with the Yellow fault indicator
Clive AKA Lord Ogmore

Have I entered this in the wrong section Should it be in the Software Dept. If so would the Mod please relacate

Thanks Mr. Belvedere for the prompt reply

I tried the link you supplied along with otheres offered but I could NOT find refference to the Cif Trust Camera and yet there it is in Device Manager
I’m wondering (A dangerous event for me) if this is a Registry prob and not linked to the camera software/driver - if you see what I mean
Again thanks

I was given the link below re my Error Code 10 problem
i was in aq little bit of desperation I run the Fix and IT WORKES:clap::clap:
I would though please request one of the software moderaters or someone more expert/better informed than I — if they would check it out
and confirm validity:bow:
I dread to feel I was passing on a dodgy – although Microsoft backed ( if I read it correctly) fix
Hope if validated it helps others caught in the same fault!!!