Code 10 Error with built in dvd/cd

i have a brand new Fujitsu Siemens Amilo LI1705 and the built in CD/DVD drive does not appear in my computer with my other drives etc!

been into device manager and it has an exclamation mark next to it and it says it has a code 10 error

running vista and all the newest drivers etc

please help!!


Have you tried to unistall the driver for that unit? And Code 10 error has something to do with your USB devices or drivers??? Is that unit a USB unit or internal drive?? Is the driver vista or manufacture driver compatible with vista???

its the internal cd/dvd drive which came with the laptop i have tried uninstalling the device and reinstlling it and i have tried uninstalling the software that i installed just before it all went wrong was just some software for an mp3 device. i have tried all the standard stuff and still stumpt!!

Ask the seller or themanufacturer.

Do you have Itunes installed, if so uninstall it, Vista and Itunes do not play nice.Restore your system to before your mp3 software was installed.

worked perfectly!!thank you sooo much!!just teh itunes bit!!tht was awsum!!

Your welcome-Some day Ms and Itunes will play nice

I highly doubt that will ever happen as MS want the money Itunes is currently making…!!!