I was lookin on the forum on how to burn CoD and i found some stuff but not what i was looking for… alright i need to burn this game it has safedisk3… i tried using the clonecd protect game cd profile w/ clone5.1 and i have tried ALC120 safedisk2/3 profile and all have seemed to fail… my burners are listed below… any ideas?


Reread the image using “SafeDisc” (slowest speed pos) with your 5232K,I have that drive and im able back-up and play any game protected by 3.20. Alos use the Safedisc profile to burn, again slowest poss. You might want to use CDRW.



with alc correct?


is this how u back up safedisk 3 titles… i mean if u know of any other ways with any other sw let me know and ill buy it :slight_smile:


Yes sorry s/w used was Alcohol 120%. And yes I back-up all my games using Alcohol.



well ill report back as soon as its done burning… eh i got 3 comps tryin to burn this game all w/ diff settings (its nuts) lol


didnt work :frowning: “please inset the correct cd”


Have you got ATIP hidden for the 5232K?



ummm idk how do i chk that
is that ignore media type? if so then i have that checked


no anwser :frowning:


wellp, nothing seems to work… ive tried BW5, CLoneCD ALC120… any ideas?


Which drive are you running the backup from?


ANYone possible, ive tried mt plex 8/20 ive tried my yamaha, ive tried my liteons


Even poor old Cyber has made a CoD backup with his 52327S… i’m sorry to hear it isn’t going well for you. Have you patched the game in any way?


Why don’t you give it a try with your SCSI Plextor ?
In alcohol uncheck ‘Bypass EFM Error’; read/write at 4x, OR Blindwrite 5 with tweaker which ends up in a profile like this (create a new text document and save as .ini at C:\Program files\vso\BlindWrite5\profiles):
[not enh]


$CyBeRwIz$ no i havnt patched th game


the alc w/ the efm failed w/ 2/3 profile
the game works in multiplayer but not single


why in the hell wont tyhis burn… :frowning: i have the power but sothins messed up and i CANT figure it out


and this bw method failed as well :frowning: wth is going on here


i hve all the burning programs istalled on my comps… is there anything i can do here???