CoD write error

I haven’t backed up a title in quite some time, so please go easy. I’m using latest BW5, automatic settings, for Call Of Duty. I can write disc 2 without any error messages. However, writing disc 1 gives the following error:

Catastrophic image read condition: Obtained data 0 expected 2448.
Read sector 335268 has failed.

I try installing to HD and disc 1 goes on fine, however, upon inserting disc 2 the drive just hangs. Any ideas.


Hi flesh,

maybe the Images you dumped are bad quality. There can be many reasons for this maybe reading at to high speed or while reading running some applications. Try to dump the Image again using slow speed, look at the options for changing the speed. I would choose 4x for CD1 because it is protected by SafeDisc 3.1xxx and using 16x for CD2 which is not protected. Use the same speed for writing. While reading and writing don’t touch your computer and close all running applications. Than you should have a nice backup, if not post again. Good luck :slight_smile: