CoD anCCD4202 /w LTR48125S

Hello to everyone,

I tried backing up CoD (SD3.10.x) with my Liteon 48125S (1S07 firmware) and here is the strange outcome:

-Used the Safedisk 2.9 profile for reading from Liteon->mounted the image through CCD virtual drive and started the installation from the VD–>installation ok–> tried starting the game–>no luck.

At this point I unmounted the image and inserted the ORIGINAL cd in the burner–>started the game–>failed!

At this point I disabled “HIDE cdr” (not removed from memory, just enabled “show” from previous “hide” state) and the game started normally (with the original cd in the drive)

So is there a bug in ccd4202 hide atip?
Is there a blacklisting in SD3.10 that does not like a hiding utility to be active=hiding?

After this I gave DDump+fireburner a try, since ccd4202 is not supposed to be a SD3.10 killer anyway (from what I’ve read so far in the forum).

To make a long story short:

DDump would not work if the CCD was in “hiding” mode. In “showing” mode it worked and I made a cd with fireburner.

The game still won’t start with this new cd.

Next step is to try this new cd in a different PC that has no CD burner/hiding utils/burning software etc…

Any ideas?



CloneCD’s virtual drive is blacklisted by sd 2.9+. If you want to have CloneCD on your system, uninstall it and then either install the latest version or re-install v. without the virtual drive component.

[Note: original cd almost certainly won’t work either if ccd virtual drive is present on the system. Note further: the virtual drive doesn’t need to be active, only to be installed for the blacklisting to kick in.]

Thanks philamber for your feedback (and many thanks for your securom/twinpeak guide…has been very useful)

There must be more than VD blacklisting. The game works fine with the original cd and a VD, just as long as Hide Media is not in “hiding” mode.

Also, if I recall correctly, to succeed at dumping an image with ddump, I had to enable “Show Media”…



The new CD I made w DDump+Fireburner worked perfectly on a different PC with just a plain old CDROM and no burning/emulating software installed.

This same CD won’t run on my system’s CDRW because of the “need” to run “Show cdr” and not “Hide cdr” like one would expect.

strange indeed…