(Coby DVD-224 Player) (HP DVD WRITER 300C) (Roxie Easy Media Creator 8 CD and DVD?)

I have a Coby DVD-224 Player.

On the following link all kinds op people said they could get DVD+R disks working on it:
But none said what software they are using.

I have a (HP DVD WRITER 300C) writer. Really a (PHILIPS DVD BURNER DVD+R/+RW INTERNAL DRIVE DVD8301/44) drive I bought on E-bay.
Just got it working late last night.

Using the following software I converted some AVI’s to DVD format and burned a DVD+R:
It burned fine and played on my computer.

But it will not play on my (Coby DVD-224 Player).

The instructions that came with Coby DVD-224 Player talks about the Easy CD creator for making CDR disks for MP3’s.
But it talks nothing of DVD+R creation and what software to use.

Does anyone know about Roxie Easy Media Creator 8 CD and DVD Burning Software?

Since the Coby DVD-224 Player talked of the Roxie software I thought it may work creating the DVD+R.

I thought I could convert AVI’s to DVD format using:
Then burn the DVD using:
(Roxie Easy Media Creator 8 CD and DVD Burning Software).

This sound like it will work
If the Coby DVD-224 Player can read DVD’s created by (Roxie Easy Media Creator 8 CD and DVD Burning Software).

I just don’t know.

You guys are the experts.

Please give any advice you can.