Coating makes scratches on cars disappear

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Scientists have developed a polyurethane coating that heals its own scratches when exposed to sunlight, offering the promise of scratch-free cars and other products, researchers said on Thursday.


Scratch-proof cars on the way?

Mar. 12 - Imagine a scratch on a car that heals itself.

A new polymer coating which repairs itself in sunlight is illustrated under UV light in this time-lapse video. The process takes about 30 minutes.

The coating can be applied to vehicles, packaging, or any surface that is exposed to the environment and sunlight.

Video courtesy of Marek W. Urban, via Science/AAAS



I look forward to the day when the paint makes the scratchers disappear :iagree:

Hell I want the stuff in an aerosol can to spray on a scratched CD!


That would certainly be so handy for CDs and DVDs - just pop them in a sunny window for 30 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure about some countries however, e.g. Ireland can go days without sunshine, would not be good if you’re in a hurry to repair the disc. :doh:

I need a can to spray on me I am getting a lot of scratches and dents as I get older and some of it has been from being in the sun, so I only think it would be right to spray myself with this and go into the sun and remove my scratches and dents.