Coasting along

I am trying to get to grips with cloneDVD but I have so far just made coasters… I am attempting to backup Finding Nemo for my sister but everytime I end up with breaks in the film, it goes to the extras on the dvd for about 5-10 secs then back to the movie.

I have tried using options Copy DVD Titles and tried Clone CD… but they both give me that result. For sound I have selected Dolby AC3 but no DTS no directors comments selected and Quality is set to DVD-5. In output I have selected DVD Writer.

My burner is an LG GSA-4163b and I am running Any DVD in the background.

Any help :smiley:

Smart move by not selecting DTS, you will lose picture quality by selecting it.
For sound select AC-3\6, this is Dolby Digital and uses less resources.
It is backwards compatible, if you only have stereo, not to worry. it will work.
Give that a try, that should solve your problem.
The output of DVD-5 and DVD Writer are the correct selections.

Which version are you using?

Hi I am using and even folowing the above it is still not working, extra features keep cutting in evey 2 mins or so for about 10 secs, I now have 6 coasters so if anyone needs any please get in touch!

Update clonedvd to and try again.


And while you’re at it update AnyDVD to
It’s always wise to keep your software and firmware updated to avoid potential problems.