Coasters with SonyDWD22A/LiteOn1633S



Greetings all, new member here.
Sony Vaio (Laptop)R505EL
1.13 GHz P111 (133Mhz FSB), 384Mb PC133 SoDimm
Intel Shared Video
HDD (Internal): 30GB, IBM/Hitachi TravelStar (4700RPM)
External Enclosure uses Firewire (Oxford 911 Chipset) plugging into Sony i-Link Firewire port
External Enclsure Devices:
HDD - 80 GB WD Caviar SE, 8MB Cache, 7200RPM
DVD Burner Sony DWD22A (which I take to be OEM LiteOn)
OS: Win XP Home Ed

The long and short is I have made 4 coasters already. I’m using Memorex 8x DVD-R media, with 8X Sony DVD-R on the way.
Burning programs WinAVIConverter (Native Burner, NOT linked to Nero) and CloneDVD.

Files are converted using WinAviConverter from various formats to DVD (vob, ifo, etc.)…

Programs do not tell me WHY, only THAT my burns were unsuccessful. I’m going to defrag my C: drive. I have my internal drive Partitioned into C: (16Gb with 10GB free and D: (12GB with 6GB free). However, my D: drive is burn only. If I want to burn a movie, I xfer it from my external HDD to my d: drive, convert it, then (attempt) to burn it. I just quick format the D: volume or defrag when I’m done. I keep my computer lean and mean, just reinstalled Windows a few days ago. I dnt run much in my SysTray (Netgear Wireless, McAfee AV. I dnt have any printers installed, so no HP/Lexmark resident programs…

I tried burning with WinAVIConvert at 8X…coaster
WinAviConvert at 4X…coaster
CloneDVD 4X…coaster
Nero Ultra at 4X…coaster
I ran KProbe2 and posted the results…
I’m gonna try to find a program that will let me burn data (<4X) to a disk to see if it can even work AT ALL…I’ll try some smaller files and move up…



Hi Laggy,
I also use a laptop, Pentium 1.3 gig, 512Mb Ram, 40gig hdd, 64Mb video card. My external usb 2 1633sx is very fickle about the media it uses. I have found that it will burn DVD-R media Prodisk X8 and Taiyo Yuden X8. Other than that it prefers DVD+R media. I Have used Sony DVD+R 8X which are D11s general use without any problems.

It could be the media you are using as the same results are produced with different programs.

I use ShrinkDVD in conjunction with Nero 6606.

I have used a cheapy ‘datawrite dvd+r’ for data which seems to work well also without coasters produced with this media, (although I have tried copying a movie with this media and I got coasters which I was not suprised at). I hope that this helps.


On my system i have to make sure i have at least 15 GB of free HD space when i back up my DVD,s. I use “DVD shrink” and “DVD Decrypter”


Chris, Curtis…
Thanks for the reply guys. I did get things to burn at 1X (CD Clone allows you to go below the “4X” minimum that most burning programs require. Actually I got a 3Gb movie on to a Sony DVD-r in 8 minutes at “1X”…The drive and software must use this as an “I’ll burst if i can guideline”.

Anyway, I can’t even get my Firewire enclosure to recognize my HDD…I bought a new desktop motherboard (800FSB), P4 3.2 1MB Cache HTT (800FSB), and PQI1024Mb RAM Kit (512x2)…SO, I am going to see if this drive really has issues, or if I can kill it with RAW power. I think a lot of my problem is that my Sony Vaio just can’t do the job EFFICIENTLY…I had to Download, copy then REBOOT, then convert from AVI to DVD…REBOOT, then Burn…It was like I was burning with a Creative or Yamaha 2x external CD-R back in’92…

Thanks again guys!



go below 4x? you’ve selected the lower speed, but 3gig in 8 minutes, that’s 4x speed.
the drive can not burn with speeds under 4x.