Coasters with ProdiscS03

  • Got the Pioneer DVR-108.

  • Got a 5-pack of Fujifilms 4X (media code ProdiscS03).

  • Got a DVD-Video backup, burned at 2x with Nero (patched against incompatibility with Windows XP SP2).

Result: DVD is playable only in the burner. After about 30 retries on my LG DRD-8160B I was finally able to get it to recognize the disk and do a test with Nero CD/DVD Speed. Here is the result:

same disc, fuji dvd-r 4x prodiscs03-id 5x jewel-pack with my burner:
(burned @ 4x w/Nero

I am beginning to think my burner does not like them :a :eek: :o I have spent 10 euros on a 5-pack and I don’t want to waste my money anymore. Grrr well today is the turn of Verbatim, Sony and TDK disks.