Coasters with LG BH08LS20


I am running Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.2, Mac Pro dual quad-core 2.26 Intel Xeon, 12GB RAM, burning with Roxio Toast 10.0.4. I had previously gotten several good burns with my LG BH08LS20 with this config, but lately it is making coasters. The good burns look mostly even if you look at the burned side. The bad burns have a lot more different varying rings, “zones” or what-have-you. Sometimes you can even see a speck where the burn did not do anything and it’s the same “color” as the un-burned parts of the disc.

I am wondering if perhaps power supply could be an issue here? The Mac Pro can draw a lot of juice, up to 1500 VAC. But normally it’s just sitting there at 300W or 320W max, even in burning it does not seem to jump very high. So I tried updating my firmware from the Buffalo version (for NS20) up to the 2.00 for BH08LS20, using no hacks. Still, coasters, but now it’s much slower to verify and such!

I’m using CenDyne BD-R 4x 25GB media. I would maybe think it’s the media but I was able to burn about 20 or 30 of these, no problem. Suddenly now it’s coasterizing almost every burn. What am I doing wrong? Could it just be a defective drive? I’m going to blow it out with a dust blower but I kind of doubt it’s from dust.

Any help/tips would be most appreciated.

OK, so, nobody has any suggestions? Nobody would know why this is causing me problems?

Looks like a defective hardware ( BH08LS20 ) or a low quality batch of media.

Who is the true manufacurer of this “Cendyne BD-R 4x” ? if you can found the media code looks here: . This is the list of media and manufacturers registered at Blu Ray disc association.

Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, TDK are examples of manufacturers of good quality BD media.

How do I know what the media code is?

The only text printed on these discs says, “BDRIC-405”. I cannot find mention of that anywhere online.


Use this software to identify your media.

[QUOTE=zhadoom;2471699]Use this software to identify your media.[/QUOTE]

that won’t work since he unfortunately got a mac

[QUOTE=nekrosoft13;2472575]that won’t work since he unfortunately got a mac[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE=zhadoom;2471699]Use this software to identify your media.[/QUOTE]

OK I finally got around to installing Windows 7 on my Mac’s Bootcamp partition. So here is the information on this media:

Info Source Multi Media Ltd.

I’ve seen elsewhere that this media was not very good. I’m just using this drive for backup purposes so I did not want to spend more per terrabyte than it costs for hard drives. For hard drives you can now get 1TB for around $80. Ideally, using optical media would be cheaper than hard drives – but I realize that’s probably not realistic at this point. So I want to find some good-quality media that’s decent quality for around $2.00 per disk. That way at least it’s not more expensive than backing up to hard drives.

It would seem that you can get RiData-manufactured disks for $2.00 each or so in 50-pk spindles at the discount guys. But I read on’s reviews that they go bad after less than 2 years. Is that true? Have you guys been having that bad of luck with RiData also?

Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.