Coasters with bf1942 and lite-on 401248

just got new lite-on, was under the impression that it burned anything-especially safedisc 2 v.51/52 but it dont seem to-used the no aws profile off this site and put read speed to x4 just to be safe, using deamon tools with safedisc emulation on or off-tried both as the reader and writing with the lite on-tried writing at various speeds 24x 8x max 40x e.t.c and various methods-on the fly, read to image, write to image, blah blah but it dont work-installed latest aspi drivers, got windows xp, anyone got any ideas? or been successful-running out of discs! lol
cheers guys

You should be able kill it as it’s SafeDisc 2. I need you to step thru the FAQ and look particularly at XP and DMA issues. A link in the FAQ will also take you here

Sucess here. More 1942 threads here

The SD2 profile for your burner looks like this:

[CloneCD ReadPrefs]
[CloneCD WritePrefs]

you can paste that ^above into notepad and save it as < SafeDisc (2) [no AWS].ccp > into the CloneCD profiles folder (Elaborate Bytes)

or get 'em all from here

Try CloneCD:

Someone told me to use ‘Amplify Weak Sectors’ and ‘Fast Error Skip’ in CloneCD and it should be able to copy almost any Safedisc CD out there. I haven’t tried it myself yet as I haven’t got hold of any safedisc protected CDs yet. It might be best to try writing to a high speed CD-RW first. If you get a copy made on one of these as CD-RWs can be erased and reused, you should be able to write it to a CD-R then for a permanent copy.

Thanks for your input seanbyrne but since this is the CloneCD forum I think jusdel30 is already using it. And besides that a Lite-On drive doesn’t need AWS and in fact it can create a coaster when using it. No flame intended :slight_smile:

jusdel30 you wouldn’t by any change trying to play from your writer without Hide CDR Media enabled?

how do i enable that hide cdr thing?

im using a flt image mounted in daemon tools to make the image

Originally posted by jusdel30
im using a flt image mounted in daemon tools to make the image

If it’s an FLT image, I guess it’s an illegal copy of the game. The image you have is not a real 1:1 image and thus you can’t use it without some “magic”.

Piracy is not allowed here, I’m sorry but I’ll not help you further.

Clone CD forum is only here to help people to make BACKUPS of their own games.