Coasters with 107D and datawrite Titanium


here is my story: I´ve a Pioneer 107D that has burnt hundreds of dvds without problems. But i´ve bought new DVDs DataWrite Titanium +R 16x and 4 burns=4 coasters. First I used firmware 1.21 and at 8x = fail, and 6x and 4x burns it but after that, the pioneer shows it as a blank DVD. I got firmware 1.22, and nero shows that maximun writable speed for the dvd is ¡¡¡4x!!!.
Well i burn it at 4x and when is writing the lead out, Nero freezes.
After that, again the drive shows burnt dvd as not reconeisable dvd.
I used Nero 6.6.03.
What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

First of all update Nero. Nero is really old and buggy. I think they have Then try some better or different media. Datawrite titanium disks aren’t that great. Also the 107 is old too so it won’t support the new 16x disks.

Hi, thanks.
I only have problems burning Datawrite Titanium +r 16x. Verbatim ±R 8x and 16x burn great on my drive.

They are not a good choice for your 8x drive anyway.
Avoid them.

Then you should stick with the verbatims. They are constantly on sale these days. The verbatims are much higher quality media. Don’t use the datawrite titaniums if they cause problems. The type of media you use is very important, if not most important.