Coasters on sale at Fry's this week. 50 spindle 8x GQ DVD-R 9.99\ROP\ROPAdSubregions\7430103.gif.gif

The rest of the ad:

They could be either Prodisc or Optodisc media:

I just wouldn’t trust them too much, but as cheap as they are, they could serve some use.

I have used these for sometime, and for me they work as well as any others.

What kind of media did they end up being?

How about posting some scans. I am one of those show me kind of guys. :rolleyes:

It’s somewhere in this thread. :slight_smile:

You asked for it, and yes, this is an authentic great quality 4x disk with genuine fake media code sony (yea thats right, just sony). Oh wait, you wanted a scan.


hahahaha, the hot coffee might help to dry and even out the dye


RIPIT, you made my day! Now that is funny, I dont care who you are!!!

Thanks :bigsmile: