Coasters loads!

not sure whats happening here??
changed my hard drive into a newer tower ( better proccessor and motherboard) however all i get now on burning cds are coasters the cds have a banding / shading on them not a smooth consistent burn?
reinstalled alcohol no go?
aspi is 4.60
alcohol version 1.4.7 1005
I cant get the speeds anymore set at 32x now burns at 15x?
the burn speed also varies erratically
this applies to any disc and any protection!
I have a liteon48125w is this the problem?
it was fine before the switch?
any ideas suggestions appreciated thanks!

Try another burning prog like BlindWrote or Nero.

just tried nero and blindwrite 2 more coasters with lovely banded patterns on discs !!
well that proves the errors not with alcohol anyway!
worried my liteon 48125w has just packed up!!
will swap over writer later and retry!
seems too much of a coincidence that ive just changed hard drive into new base with writer and now I have this error though?

R.I.P. liteon 48125w
put my asus 32x12x40 onto my pc discs copy fine
its like having a death in the family!!!
cant understand it only had it a year assume the lasers gone?
burnt plenty of discs though!
better give it a decent burial unless anybody knows a cure?
still strange that it waited to die as I moved it to a new pc though?
does anybody also know if the asus can do safedisc 2.9 ok?

Originally posted by logicwatch
does anybody also know if the asus can do safedisc 2.9 ok?

Every Asus from 16x up except one can do sd 2.9. The one that can’t is either the 24x or the 32x; can’t remember which though.

Since you’ve got the 32x, why not give it a try and let us know?

The 32x is the one that can’t cut it. I was gonna say that maybe the chipset drivers needed updating/reinstalling …

well the litey 48125w went in the bin today and I purchased a liteon 52246s results so far seem the same as my older unit thats gone to the great cd rom in the sky R.I.P.
thanks for all your help guys!
I assume safedisc 2.9 remains no probs will give it a try!