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Greetings ReneB and other members…

I have burned with great success a number of 7 and 8 gig movies to 4.7’s with DVD2one. Recently I have been burning coasters with other titles in the 7-9 gig range. My settings have been identical with each burn;

DVD-Decryptor, ISO image, map, etc.
DVD2one, all audio, 4472, all menus and options (Full disk)
Nero, burn

I have read several postings relating to the size settings and have used 4472 with success. Nero displays the file size prior to the actual burn at approx… 4.6x and I usually add the jacket directory but the overall size is still 4.6x. I have burnt 6 straight coasters. The resulting DVDs all have the very last few sectors wiped off of the DVD which makes them unreadable in my
player and unusable again as DVD+RW. Has anyone experienced this issue? I am using FujiFilm DVD+R and DVD+RWs and a Sony DRU-500a burner with the latest Bios. I would prefer to use the 4472 setting but will now try between 4444 and 4460 as I cannot waste precious blanks. I am concerned about image quality if I drop down in size. Any suggestions and/or recommendations would be appreciated.

Dont go up go down Custom to 4200 works for me does 9’s fine!!!

same here,i always use 4200-4300. you cant see the loss in quality.

but your dvd+rw’s are actually ruined? ouch! I am not expierienced with the + format,I have a pioneer which uses the - format. i dont think there is anything my burner can do to make a dvd-rw unusable again,i just erase before each new burn. as you own the sony dru-5ooa,you should also be able to use the - format. maybe that way if you have problems at least you wont waste a disk.

Your problem come probably from the speed you chose to burn.
Many people have related this problem with 2x and 4x.
If you WILL conserve 4472, test to burn with 1x.
for me it’s work fine but i’m a Mac user and i don’t no if the solution work on PC. :smiley:

The other possibility is to decrease de size at 4000-4150 at the speed you won’t.
It’s work too, but the quality decrease too… :Z

Please post your results for info


sorry 4 bad english :confused:

It’s safer to use a dvd+rw or -rw to see if it realy fits on a disc and does play in your dvd player! If ok then us a dvd+r or -r.