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Hi all.I just a Sony DRU-710a DVD burner for xmas.So far I have been able to burn data disks and audio disks with it.
But When I try to backup DVD’s it’ll only play the first 9 seconds of the video then stops.Does this on both my Apex DVD player and the Sony DVD player also.Have tried both hp dvd+r 4.7gb 4x media and memorex dvd+r 8x media.
I have updated both anydvd and clonedvd to the latest versions.Also updated the firmware for the burner.
I am able to rip DVD’s to the hard drive as iso images and get them to play on the computer but not when burned to disk.Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!!!
Note:I can’t get the dvd’s made with clone dvd to work on the computer but the one I made with alcohol 120% would play on the computer but still not the dvd players.

SONY has been having problems with their dvd burners for a while now (at least since 510 models. My 510 froze up and only later I discovered many people were having the same problem, and SONY never acknowledged their problems). Do yourself a favor and buy a Pioneer burner. They are rock solid.