Coaster making...HELP!



I have the trial version of CDRWin 3.8 from Golden Hawks website.

My burner is a Ricoh MP7040A with firmware v. 1.40.

I backed up WWF Smackdown successfully. However, my attempts to back up Final Fantasy VII have resulted in two perfectly good coasters.

I tried using the image/cuesheet method…my system locked up and had to be re-booted.

I tried burning straight to the recorder…my system (Cyrix 300/128MB ram) locked up and had to be re-booted.

Is it something special about this game? My backup of Smackdown works fine.

My understanding is that CDRWin is the best software to use for backing up PSX games…I’m starting to wonder.

Any help would be great.


Hmmmmm strange problem there! I’ve had it before and I don’t get it. Because CDRWin doesn’t support my writer yet (Plextor 12X) I had to make cuesheets with CDRWin and burn them with WinOnCd. Yeah I know it was a stupid thing to do, but it was the only software at that time that recognized my drive. Now I can use Nero :-). Back to my story. I found that when I burned a cuesheet with WinOnCd sometimes it turned out to be a coaster (cd written but no data on it and CD as volume label). I had to make new cuesheet and try again, that worked. I was also using CDRWin 3.8 for making those cuesheets. I guess this is some kind of random bug in CDRWin? I’ve been working with it for about a year and a half and it always worked fine, until now.
By the way, does anybody when there will be Plextor 12X support in CDRWIn? PLeaze let me know!

Greeeeeeetzzzzzzzzz Dee-ehn


try using nero, and never do a cdrom to cdrw copy - it doesnt work! make an imagefile first using your cdrw drive, then burn the image. that will stop it from locking up in the middle. and try to use nero, as it supports the most devices out there.