Co-existing, Part 2

Maybe i did a mistake, but is it possible, that BW 4.25 and new BW 5.2 can’t co-exist anymore, without BW5 using ASPI instead of Patin-Couffin. too ?
Did it, the way Portmac suggested some weeks ago.

Reinstalling BW5.2 should fix it, I have also noticed with BW5.2 installed BW4 runs alot slower.

I have spoken with the developer of BlindWrite and he is going to look into the problem, so hopefully we will once again have BW4 and BW5 live happilly together.

they cant be installed with the same computers,
because the new autoplay crashes bw4.
and if you install bw4 as last, autoplay version is 1.
so just use the lastest.

How about this :slight_smile:

-Have you managed that with the method you described some weeks ago
-Did I download too early, because my patin-couffin version is 1.23, not 1.24
-Have you tried (I know, I should do that) the same with 4.25

P.S.: Dear VSO-Team; maybe a naive question, but couldn’t you at least make BWA Builder 4.57 and new patin-couffin compatible again (OR IS IT STILL ?)

We are working on that at the moment. Soon the driver will be compatible with old version(s) again…

patin couffin 24 fix the problem available with the version 5.2.1

I should have pointed out that I was using PC24 that included the fix, my bad…

and heres the thread:

and heres the link to download the beta with pattin couffin v24:

PS: Portmac, where did u get that skin?
if its not listed in bw, can you send me one with instruction how to install?

It is the skinning from WindowBlinds ( I currently have it installed for testing.