Co-existence of software packages

Are there any known problems if I have

BlindWrite Suite 4.5.3
Alcohol 120% (latest version, not yet installed)
and PlexTools 2.0.5

on a Win98SE machine?

TIA for your reply.

> Are there any known problems

Not really if you have a stable system to begin with.

Load Feurio! first to find rogue .DLLs and .VXDs

Use the default ASPI from ahead (Nero).

Do not use Adapatec’s ASPI unless you need to use:

an Adaptec product that needs it
Clony (not recommended)
burnatonce (v-4.60 only)

Thank you, I’ll give it a try.

Originally posted by FutureProof
[Bburnatonce (v-4.60 only)

Note that you can run burnatonce with nero’s aspi too but with the limitation that the version of discdump incorporated into the program will not work.