Cnvertxtodvd: What are some compatible dvd-r brands?And I have a disc problem please help?



Hello,I just recently installed convertxtodvd and I have been trying to convert and burn a movie to a dvd-r or a cd-r.

However,when I insert the cd-r (brand: memorex) , it says that the disc is too small.Now I understand that b/c the disc only has 80 minutes and 700 MB on it and the movie is almost 2 hours long.(I didn’t realize that :))

And then when I inserted the dvd-r (brand: dynex) it says that the disc could not be read :(.What can be wrong,b/c I know that the dvd-r has enough space for the movie.It has 120 minutes and 4.7 GB.

Does anyone know what the best dvd-r compatable brands are for convertxtodvd? I would really like to know because I want to buy the dvd-r’s.Just plese give me a few brands from your experience. Thank you.

Oh ya and here’s the description:

Okay I don’t know how to insert the description and details from convertxtodvd.If anyone knows how to do this please let me know.I would love to share it with you.


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We generally recommend Verbatim 16x dvds as a safe choice for blank media.


Thank you : )

I tried right clicking the log but it just doesn’t want to work…

Verbatim 16x dvd-r? Great I’ll make sure to give those a look.But just to make sure are they compatible with convertxtodvd?And i don’t even know if their compatible with my hard drive…


Its mainly a matter of being compatible with your optical drive that you are trying to burn with. You didn’t mention which one you have, but Verbatim is as close as we have for universal compatibility for dvd burners. You might have problems with the 16x variety if your burner is extremely old, say, from 2003-2004 era. And there are some laptop drives that cause problems even with good media. Matshita laptop drives are among the worst.


I have a 2006 burner on my compaq laptop. I do think that I might have a problem with the 16x because my dvd-r is 16x and could not be read.But my cd-r is 52x and it could be read,but it just didn’t have enough space for the movie I was trying to burn on it.Is there such thing as a Verbatim cd-r 52x?Would I still be able to burn movies to a cd-r?Or I could just buy the Verbatim dvd-r 52x,if there is such thing.But how would I know that Verbatim would work with my driver?Like the dvd-r that I have could not be read,was it the brand or the 16x? Just wondering…

Oh ya and I’m still having trouble copying the log,just doesn’t work


16x is the top speed rating for blank dvd media. Your laptop drive’s actual top writing speed is probably no more than 8x, but compatibility with blank media depends on the firmware of the optical drive. A drive from 2006 should be able to recognize Verbatim 16x and apply the correct writing strategy for it.

If you want to know the exact make and model drive that you have, you should go to My Computer, right click on the optical drive, then click on Properties. The name of the manufacturer and the model will show up there.

It is possible to burn movies to cds, but not as dvd-video. DVD-video requires a dvd disk.


Okay then i’ll try Verbatim dvd-r 16x… But i’m still a little confused about why it couldn’t read my Dynex 16x dvd-r?
What if it doesn’t read the Verbatim 16x dvd-r?What should I do next?
By ‘optical drive’ you mean the local drive right?
If I were to write a dvd video to a cd-r would I still be able to watch it?Because I was going to burn the movie to a cd-r because convertxtodvd said that it didn’t matter which one I used.
Oh and I just have a question whats the difference between dvd-r and dvd+r?

Is there any other way to copy and paste the log other than right clicking it?


The firmware within your drive has a list of media that it can recognize and set the correct burning strategy. The drive uses mid codes (manufacturer id codes) that are included on the blank disks. The list of media in the firmware is fixed/static, so that new media coming out after the firmware was published may prove to be problematic for the drive. If it cannot determine what it is trying to burn, the drive may revert to a generic burning strategy, and produce poor burns, or it may simply not burn at all.

This is why it is important to update firmware for dvd burners. Unfortunately, most dvd manufacturers stop putting out new firmware for older drives within a year or two. So we try to recommend media that is well established, burns well, and has good support in firmware of most drives. This is what we mean when we say Verbatim is a safe choice.

Copy and paste always involves right clicking, so don’t know what to tell you on that. Just highlight the text, right click on the text while it is highlighted and click copy. Works for me. Then right click where you want to paste it and you should get that option.


Oh okay and are these Verbatim dvd-r disks expensive?
Oh and you didn’t answer my question: What is the difference between dvd-r and dvd+r?
And If I were to write a dvd video to a cd-r would I still be able to watch it?Because I was going to burn the movie to a cd-r because convertxtodvd said that it didn’t matter which one I used.
Thank you.

The log : whenever I right click it nothing pops up and It’s no leting me highlight the whole thing.Don’t know whats wrong with it.I’ll keep trying.


Verbatim generally is the same price as most other name brand media. If you are in the US you can find it at Best Buy, where it goes on sale fairly regularly.

-R and +R…there is a long thread here at MyCE about this:
But these days, there isn’t much practical difference between them. Modern burners can handle both formats well. If you want to burn rewriteable disks (RW), go with +R. Now and again you might find a player that doesn’t like +R disks, but those are usually very old.

As I said before, dvd-video cannot be burned to cds, only dvds. There is a format for cds called VCD or SVCD, but it is rarely seen these days as the quality is much inferior to dvd-video. You can of course burn avi, mpg2, mp4 or other video formats as data to a cd, but that is not dvd-video.


Okay thank you so much for your help I will check the Verbatim dvd-r disks out and hopefully it will work.Thank you once again I appreciate it. : )