CNN article "Movie Transfers to DVD to Become Easier"

There is an interesting article on the CNN website under the “technology” heading. I did not want to paste the article as Associated Press has a warning about redistributing it.

This makes it a legal redistribute as it tells a little of the story missin alot of it so if interested then you can click on the link to read the full story.

“The group also is working with disc makers to produce CSS-compatible blank DVDs.”

What exactly is a “CSS-compatible blank DVD”? CSS is merely a weak encryption algorithm. Why would burning encrypted bits be any more difficult than burning non-encrypted bits? A 0 is still a 0 and a 1 is still a 1. It seems like the author of the article doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. In addition, what’s the point of creating a new technology that implements CSS when it provides no real measure of protection over an unencrypted DVD?