CNET Reviews gives five reasons not to buy an iPod player

I just posted the article CNET Reviews gives five reasons not to buy an iPod player.

 While the CNET Reviews team claims the iPod to be           their favourite  overall MP3 player    , they have come up with five  reasons on why not to buy an iPod.   First its...
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There are about 10 reasons to buy an Ipod for every reason not to buy. *from a extremely satisfied Ipod owner. :slight_smile:

>> The battery is permanent :r That reason alone would stop me! How can people even consider paying $$$ for something like that? There’s something very wrong when a ‘throwaway’ item is marketed at these prices!!! BTW I also use self-burned CDs in a MP3-capabale ‘diskman’ - certainly the best/cheapest option!

You are quite right about that. The main reason I went for a CD based MP3 player was due to nearly all other MP3 players on the market having either no memory expansion slot or using a proprietary non standard battery :frowning: I would be very happy buying an MP3 player that relies totally on compact flash or SD/MC cards and uses standard AA or AAA batteries. :slight_smile: If CD based MP3 players can sell so well and cheaply without built-in memory, then removeable flash based players should sell the same. :X

I’ve got a cheap cheap CHEAP “Mini-CD” MP3 player and it’s great! I get 200MB of MP3’s per disc. I can take a selection of CD’s with me. It runs on standard AA batteries and rechargeable AA’s and while it’s not as small as a flash player it still fits easily in my pocket. Oh and did I mention that it was cheap? :slight_smile: