CNET reviews 7 CD-creation apps

I just posted the article CNET reviews 7 CD-creation apps.

JaapAap used our newssubmit to point us to an article on has reviewed burning software, I don’t think we can take this review very serious, as they recomend Click’N Burn Pro 2.0…

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Never even heard of click N burn…

Click N Burn uses the Prassi engine. CNET is dumb… they said Nero can’t make MP3 CD’s.

so based on being able to use mulitple burners how come Nero 5.5 or DiscJuggler didn’t win?

Maybe, CNET guys are dumb and can’t use the other software properly - or don’t know how to use them.

Prassi was awesome 3 years ago!

remeber, places like cnet have to rate things for the greater majority, and we all know how much the greater majority know about technology/computers.