CNeroConvertManager::CreateConverter error

I’m using Nero 7 with the Nero SDK 1.06. Using the NeroVisionAPI C# samples, the C++ samples, and my own code in both C# and c++, I continually get the same error either when I attempt to create a burn context or when I call BurnNVAPI. The error reportedly comes from CNeroConvertManager::CreateConverter and is reported as “unknown application (21)”. I can’t find any documentation about what that means or how to fix it. Help?!


Anyone? Bueller? :slight_smile:

It appears that noone actually answers this forum, there seems to primarily be questions with a general lack of answers.

This is because although many people obviously work with the Nero API, most of them come here only to get their problems solved, not to contribute. You typically can identify this people by their very low post count :wink:

Never got this error, but maybe a reinstall would fix your issue?