CnC 3: Conflict with Emulation Software

So I have CnC3 installed and Im trying to use DAEmon tools to run it.

I have the latest patch for it.

I’ve tried a lot of stuff so far and keep getting this msg when I click play

“Conflict with Emulation Software detected.”

Im running latest version of everything. I put the img file in daemon (using YASU to cloak) and nothing. I’ve tried securomLoaders - still nothing. I’ve tried gamecopyworld’s nocd.exe crap and nothing…

ANYONE halp? plzz :sad:

The nocd.exe crap as you call it is illegal and not allowed on this forum.

Having said that, have you tried the original with Daemon Tools disabled?

yeah, original copy works fine on main computer… I’m tryin to use an emulator cause the cdrom on my laptop is busted.

I guess this is the wrong forum ey? :cop:

nope right forum wrong question as you can see from the gentlemans previous post . I would upgrade the cdrom since its busted. STEVE

lol you guys are tough.

I’m too poor to buy a new drive :doh:

might you kind sirs hook a brother up with some info on how to work this game with just a copy of the cd image (legally bought - from my original computer sent to laptop via internets)? any emulators out there besides daemon tools that can run it? anything like yasu to cloak it to stop the emulation conflict error im getting?

pls help lol

A quick search will give you some nice results and also check our guide section here especially securom tutorials.

i’ve been googling for the past 2 days. tried EVERYTHING on just about every forum i could find. nothing has worked thus far. gonna look into your tutorial tho, thx.

btw I tried the Securom Maxi-Image Builder thats stickied in here and it doesn’t work.

Try this guide which should work in combination with latest yasu up to version 1.08 of cnc3. yasu is blacklisted in patch 1.09 of cnc3.

thanks for the replys man.

I already updated to the 1.9 patch though.

I rly want to be able to do multiplayer, but do you know if there is a way to take off the 1.9 patch and go back to 1.8 so I can just do the missions? I wonder If I can just delete the 1.9 folder… gonna try it heh.


yeah, deleted the folder and it just sits at the loading screen forever when I start the game up… altough I didn’t get the “Conflict with emulation software” msg while using YASU so I guess Im one step closer to victory… well maybe one behind as im now minus one patch heh

Game runs fine using DT 4.06 and YASU (both freeware), or with the latest DT PRo Advanced using vIDE.

hmmm… im using DT 4.10 and still getting the conlfict error. Are you suggesting I look for the older version?

Also, are you using the kane edition? wonder if thats the problem…

[QUOTE=wishkah353;1947644]hmmm… im using DT 4.10 and still getting the conlfict error. Are you suggesting I look for the older version?[/QUOTE]
Yes, that’s exactly what Reefke is suggesting. DT 4.10 has been blacklisted but, apparently due to bug in the programming, DT 4.06 has not been.

“Please insert the original disc instead of a backup (1000).”

is the new error I get with the 4.06 version. Im using YASU with it too…

I’ve come to the conclusion there is no possible way to run the current cnc3 with an emulator… thanks for the responses. :slight_smile:

That last error means your image is bad. How did you create it (which program and settings)?

its an .mdf created with magiciso.

Use the guide in post 9 and and follow Reefke’s advice in post 11. You’ve to use alcohol and not magiciso to create the image…