Cmr3000x can I have that chick's phone #?



The answer is hell yeah to the question posted in your closed thread.


Well I don’t know the question, because the mods deleted it, but I think I know the question: definitely!!

What a nice looking girl! :drool:


Ugly face. Nice body.

The answer (‘would you’): Yes…


Chick? Closed? Deleted? Mods? Me?
I checked through a closed and deleted thread about iPods but alas, no chick.


Well since you guys think she is so hot, check out this picture…



:Z :eek:


Hmmm … this isn’t a porn forum you know , so you better edit your post :eek:


Who said it was? Might be a bit inappropriate, but still humourous nonetheless.


New pic? Naked? Where? PM me!


I just thought that the moderators wouldn’t like it and probably ban you if they saw it :wink:


Well, one of the mods saw it, didn’t like it, then closed it (the original thread, that is). :wink:
But he didn’t ban him from posting it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice edit reason Airy! :).

Airhead is teh shit. He rocks.

PMs sent :). Thank me later.


Ssseth is no fun anymore :(. What happened man, you used to be cool :(.


I think he turned 30. It all went downhill from there. :bigsmile:


Damn, that “chick” was HOT.