C'mon Shooter, Where are ya?



I know you joined us freaks yesterday, :clap: so get in here and keep me company.

Mills :flower:


Do you need company? :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Heyup Geno. How ya doing?

Shooter is a friend who joined us yesterday and he’s not shown himself yet.

Now he has…i can pick his brains night and day Hehehe

He’ll love me for that one!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:


Ooooerrrr :eek: :bigsmile:


He’s probably too tired after picking his brains all day today!!!

MEN Tut tut…No stamina… :doh: :disagree:


When he’s next online, send him a Private Message directing him to this thread. :slight_smile:

And I agree :bigsmile:


Hi :slight_smile:
What you talking about. Men have no stamina! I’ll show y o u. A h ! S h o u l d n ’ t h a v e c ha n ge d a v a t a r … M u s t f i n is h p o s


I hope not :wink:


Okay, good tip thanx. He’s a very funny guy, and quite knowledgeable in the cd/dvd world.

Whooooa…just had to go up my very creepy dark landing passage. No lights on cos it’s being decorated. Scary :eek: :eek: Ran there and back!!

Off to search around the forums now to try and increase my brain cells to 3

I only had 1 brain cell when i joined, so i’m getting there! Slowly :flower:


Wish i’d got Geno’s/Jays laughing men cos that’s what you made me do.


Ps Arachne…don’t tell the guys i had a little kip this afternoon will ya. That’s our secret :wink:


I’d keep your secret, but I think you just made it public :bigsmile:


Who said that men don’t have stamina? :doh:


Shooter sounds like an interesting guy, be nice to “meet” him. :slight_smile:


Whats a oooooooooerrrrrrrrrrr?
And sesame, I mean shooter, reveal yourself! Or else debro and I will reveal ourselves to you and we’re both kind of ugly. :o :bigsmile:


Most men only got 2 brains cells – one on them is dead and the other one is horny. :flower:


Oooooerrrrr (pronounced “ooooo - errrrrr”) is what someone says (here, at least) when they hear or read something rude. Brit slang, if you like :bigsmile:

ROTFL @ the last bit :bigsmile:

Edit: LOL, Jan!!! :bigsmile: :clap:



Methinks you ought to include geno in there cos i don’t see his true pic anywhere on here. And from what i can see…he has a HUGE database of pics!
He must have 3 pc’s with 160 gigs on each to hold all that lot!!
But very funny guy tho. :bow:

^ Told ya !!!


HUGE? :bigsmile: