CMCMAGF01 - 8x power calibration error

They say you get what you pay for…

Today I wanted to test out the 1.07 Beta6 f/w with some CMCMAGF01 media @ 8x…just for kicks. The latest Nero promptly gave me power calibration errors…

Tried again @ 6x - and it worked…kinda

The strange part about this is, OC managed to burn one @ 8x - with some nice results…

Some opinions?

I’ve seen quite a few people report “power calibration error” when using the beta firmwares…
I have not seen this myself at all.
However, I do not use Nero. I stick with RecordNow 4.6

Unfortunately, I am currently ‘out of stock’ of CMC F01 so I can not test these myself… CMC batches will sometimes vary in quality

OC-Freak, were you using Nero for your CMC F01 8X burn posted in the Herrie beta firmware thread?

I was getting the power calibration errors with beta 5, trying to burn the CMC F01’s at 4x using the bitsetting feature. With beta 6 the problem went away AND I’m able to burn at 8x. I’m too much of a newbe to know what the error even means <sigh>. I have a lot more learning/reading to do.

Hey! Love your input anyway! Thanks for that. I too, was bitsetting at the time.

I just tried another one, using a different burning engine - and it worked!

Did not do an infoPro error scan, but its my assumption that it will be ok. Played back perfectly…

AS posted earlier, CMC F01 burned at 8x:

Originally posted by zebra
I just tried another one, using a different burning engine - and it worked!

Glad to see RecordNow is working well for you Zebra :wink:
It appears that the fault lies with Nero in this case (at least partially).

I burned a CMC F01 using Alcohol 120% at 8x, and the results were superb… playback on a GE DVD standalone unit were as good as if recorded at 1x… I couldn’t be more pleased…

We’ve seen a number of errors being reported with the modded 2500 FW, usually associated with use of the bit setting function. I suspect that Nero is reporting incorrect errors, simply because it doesn’t know what else to say.

There’s also no way to predict how a specific drive will react to a modded F/W, all drives are not created equal.

I think batch quality has a large factor in this also…

I had to power calibration errors with DataSafe RITEK G04 with one of the earlier beta firmwares.